Act 537

The Municipal Authority of the City of McKeesport became part of a Consent Decree issued on behalf of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), and the Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD).Consent Decrees have been issued to comply with objectives set by the federal Clean Water Act and Combined Sewer Overflow Control Policy, as well as state laws and local regulations. The purpose of this is to improve water quality in receiving waters and protect designated waterway uses that include drinking water, recreation, aquatic life, and others. In order to comply with the EPA, DEP, and ACHD requirements, MACM and its multi-municipal service area initiated an Act 537 Sewage Facilities Planning Study and a Long Term Control Plan (LTCP).

Both plans define the following objectives related to the future Authority CSS operation:

  • Capture and convey to the Waste Water Treatment Plant at a minimum 350% of an average dry weather flow from the combined sewer watersheds.

  • Capture and convey 100% of wet weather flow from the sanitary sewer-only watersheds.

  • Eliminate Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) at the Long Run Interceptor.

  • Capture, convey and provide complete treatment at the Waste Water Treatment Plant for a minimum of 85% of the total runoff from the entire watershed on an annual average basis.

The conclusion of the plans determined that several capital projects must be constructed to accommodate the peak wastewater loadings supplied by the service area and comply with regulatory wet weather flow policies.

As a result, the following projects were recommended:

  • Long Run Interceptor Upgrade

  • Cliff Street Pump Station Improvements

  • 28th Avenue Pump Station Improvements

  • Long Run Pump Station and Force Main Upgrade

  • West Shore Pump Station and Force Main Construction

  • Authority Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion and Improvements

  • Ripple Road Pump Station and Force Main Construction

The total project cost was estimated to be $63 million, including but not limited to engineering, legal, permitting, property acquisition, and construction contingency costs. In order to fund the projects, the Authority was able to obtain a Pennvest Grant, as well as a Pennvest loan and Sewer Revenue Bonds totaling $63 million.

Upgrades to the Duquesne and Dravosburg Sewage Treatment Plants and their respective Collection Systems have been developed and are awaiting DEP/EPA approval.