Billing Cycles

▪ Sewage bills are printed and mailed during the middle of each month (usually between the 18th to 20th of the month).

▪ The due date will be approximately fifteen (15) days from the billing date (usually between the 4th and 6th of the following month).

▪ Late fees (10% of the current monthly bill) are added to all accounts with outstanding balances on the day after the bills are due.

▪ "Past Due" Notices are printed and mailed two (2) days after bills are due, with a due date of approximately 5-7 days later.

▪ Any accounts that still have an outstanding balance will have their properties posted for shutoff. Once the "Posting Notice" has been generated, a $25.00 posting fee will be assessed to the account.

▪ Accounts not paid by the due date on the Posting Notice will be forwarded to the Water Authority and scheduled for termination. A $50.00 administration fee will be charged to these accounts, which covers all paperwork forwarded to the Water Authority as well as the service man scheduled to perform the shut off and reconnect.

▪ Once water service has been terminated, customers will be required to pay the entire outstanding account balance before the reconnection of water service can be scheduled. No exceptions.