Q. How do I sign up for sewage?
A. If you have recently purchased a property, you will need to contact the water authority to set up new service and they will automatically transfer those records to sewage. If you are a tenant and responsible for paying the bill you will need to fill out a duplicate bill request form so that we can send you a copy of your sewage bill. The water authority will NO LONGER be sending us this information.

Q. Why is my sewage bill so much higher than my water bill?
A. Your sewage bill is based on water usage, however our rates are higher than the water authority. Make sure you are comparing your sewage and water bills with the same dates. We run at least one month behind the water authority.

Q. What does the "-" mean on my sewage bill?
A. This means that you have a credit on your account. If the "-" is before the total balance on your bill, it means you do not owe anything at this time.

Q. Where can I pay my bill and who do I make it out to?
A. We have many payment options available to you. Please visit the Payment Options section of our website for more information. All payments should be made out to MACM.

Q. I just filled my swimming pool. How do I get my sewage bill adjusted?
A. Unfortunately, the City of McKeesport does not have that ordinance. Any water that goes through your meter is billed for sewage.

Q. Is there a minimum monthly charge for sewage?
A. Yes. As long as your water service is on, whether there is usage or not, you will be charged a minimum rate.

Q. Do you have auto-draft?
A. No, we currently do not offer automatic withdrawl from your checking or savings. We do offer online payments through our website -- we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Q. Why are property owners responsible to pay when their tenants do not?
A. Sewage is a lienable utility and stays with the property, making the owner of the property responsibile for any unpaid bills.

Q. How do I request a No-Lien letter?
A. Send all requests to 2800 Walnut Street McKeesport, PA 15132. The charge for a no-lien letter is $40.00 and the check must be made out to MACM.

Q. What is the ACT 537 Plan?
A. The Pennsylvania Sewage Facilities Act (Act 537) was enacted to correct sewage disposal problems and to help treat wet weather flows. For a detailed overview of the Act 537 Plan, you can read the following article written by the Pennsylvania DEP: Act 537 Overview.

Q. I have a complaint about odor?
A. Contact the Authority (412-673-9701) with your complaint and we will do everything we can to solve the problem at hand. We do work around the clock at preventing odors from the plant, but sometimes they do occur. If you would like, please provide your contact information to whomever you speak to at the Authority.