New Owners
If you have recently purchased a property, you will need to contact your water authority to set up service. The water authority will transfer all records to the Municipal Authority of the City of McKeesport so that we can begin billing you for sewage. Please note that the sewage bill runs approximately one (1) month behind the water bill so you may not receive your first bill from us right away.

New Tenants
If you are a new tenant and are responsible for paying the sewage bill according to your lease agreement, you may request a DUPLICATE copy of the sewage bill be mailed to you each month. The cost for a duplicate bill is $1.00 per month. Please fill out the form below before or shortly after moving into the property to ensure bills are received in a timely manner.

We suggest that you keep a copy of our duplicate bill form available for all new tenants. Either you or they can fill out the form and return it to our office. Please keep in mind that this is only for new tenants. Tenants that are currently residing at your property will not need to fill out this form.

Click here to print the Duplicate Bill Request Form.

Please mail or bring the completed form to our office at 2800 Walnut Street, or you can fax it to 412-672-548.