No Lien Letter Certification Requests

In order to receive a no-lien letter certification you will need to mail a request to:
      2800 Walnut Street
      McKeesport, PA 15132
      Attention: Jackie

On your request please include:
      Property address
      Tax ID #
      Seller/Buyer (if applicable)
      Date certification is needed by

Also include:
      A $40.00 check made payable to MACM (our fee for processing the request)
      A self-addressed, stamped envelope (so the certification can be returned)

Dye Tests (Port Vue Borough Only)

Dye tests are only needed for properties being sold or refinanced in Port Vue Borough.

Click here for dye test application

Dye Test Instructions:
The top portion of the application will need to be completed by the seller (or applicable party) and returned to our billing office at 2800 Walnut Street, McKeesport, PA 15132 along with a $200.00 check made payable to MACM. The application and payment can be mailed or submitted in person. Once the application and payment is received a dye test will be scheduled. It is not necessary for the home owner to be present during the dye test. Once the dye test is completed a copy of the certification will be mailed to the applicant and to the closing company.

The dye test must be completed prior to a no-lien letter being sent. Therefore, the dye test application and payment should be received in our office no later than 14 days prior to the closing to give enough time to complete the test and no-lien letter.