Sewage plants, like McKeesport's, that have combined sewers (sanitary sewage and storm water in the same line) have been mandated by the US EPA to severely limit the amount of water that is redirected to the rivers and creeks during a rain event. This is accomplished in one of two ways; either separate all of the lines into sanitary only and storm water only lines, or expand the treatment facilities to convey and treat the vast majority of the water that enters the combined lines. The second option was determined to be the best, and cheapest, option for facilities here in McKeesport.

The Plan to do this is called the Act 537 Plan and was approved by the PA DEP. Our engineers proceeded to design this project and submitted the design to the DEP for review and approval. The construction was completed in 2015 at a total cost of $63,000,000.

The drawing posted below is for your review. It shows the various structures and sewer lines that were built to satisfy the mandate that has been placed upon us.

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