How Bills Are Calculated

Sewage billing amounts are calculated by the amount of water a customer uses during a monthly billing period. Because your sewage bill is based upon water usage, it may vary from month to month.

Water consumption information is forwarded to us by your water provider. They are responsible for reading your meter and forwarding the consumption amounts to MACM so that we may bill you.

**Please keep in mind that your sewage bill runs approximately one month behind your water bill, so be sure to check the consumption/meter reading dates on both bills to be sure that you are comparing the correct billing periods.


If an adjustment is made to your water bill which involves a change in consumption, the water company will forward the information to MACM and we will adjust your bill accordingly. Again, please note that any adjustments made to your account may take up to one month to reflect on your sewage bill.

If you believe that MACM has made an error on your bill, please call the billing department immediately so that the issue may be addressed. This includes name and/or address changes to your bill as well. The phone number at which the billing department can be reached is (412) 673-0850.